Skeeter Skat Trio!


SAVE 15% on Skeeter Skat Trio!
Going on a trip this Spring or Summer? Or are you just outside in your garden or at the lake as much as possible in summers like we are? Well then Skeeter Skat Trio is for you! Get set for summer and save 15% on our new three pack, regularly $26.95. When you are done with Skeeter Skat, drop your bottle in your curbside recycle bin, or in the PET bottle section of your local recycling center. Our bottles are recyclable!!!!

Skeeter Skat is an All Natural Mosquito Repellent and comes in a 4 oz bottle. It’s made right here in Montana! We we say all natural, we mean it! No Deet and NO Chemicals! It works GREAT!  Spray your face, ears and any exposed skin! IF you care about what goes on your skin and into your pores, get Skeeter Skat! We recommend re-applying every 2 hours but you can use it more if needed!

***New Green bottles are here! New for the season of 2022 and beyond, we are going all green- going forward!

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