About Us...

We are River and Flash, owner’s and creator’s of Skeeter Skat LLC. We Love living in Montana! Though we have been in the area since 2005, we consider ourselves “Montanan’s” and could never live anywhere else!

We spend our free time camping, Fly Fishing, Paddle Boarding and Photographing in the quiet places of the wild, enjoying the wildlife and amazing scenery that is like no other, here in the Greater Yellowstone area including Montana, Wyoming and Idaho.

Living here and traveling to our favorite stomping grounds in the tri-state area, we need, use and very much believe in Skeeter Skat! We have made and used it for years before sharing it with all of you! (Read the Story of Skeeter Skat here)


Flash and I met back in 2003, fell in love, two artists joining forces. He, a graphic designer and myself, a photographer. We went into business together, traveling, working and landing in SE Idaho in the shadow of the Tetons in 2005, then settling here in Montana. We love our life here and live with our dog Amigo, in the sleepy little town of Virginia City.

As much as we are addicted to the outdoors, and the outdoor life, we are also addicted to small business and as many of you know, also own and operate Troutwater Designs https://www.troutwaterdesigns.com.

Between that, Skeeter Skat and my photography,


… we stay pretty busy!

All of our websites are linked and if you are ever in the area, you may catch us at a fly fishing show, art show or farmers market… we are around!!!

~River & Flash~