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The best. By far.

June 21, 2023

I’m outside every evening. Daily I’d get 20+ bites without it, constantly. (I ran out of my old spray I’m a mosquito spray aficionado /snob even, so was researching to find something better) But then I tried Skeeter Skat. Zero bites for 2 weeks. Normally bug strays have a strong or weird smell but this is lovely. Not strong either. I can’t think of another word than lovely. Highly recommend and I’ll definitely get more before I run out!



February 23, 2023

Skeeter Skat is an amazing repellant! I love that it is all natural and smells great!



February 20, 2023

I’m big into fly fishing and outdoor sports here in SW Montana and Skeeter Skat is my go-to mosquito repellent anytime I’m near the water in the spring and summer. Smells great, works better than DEET products, don’t have to trade mosquito borne diseases for cancer causing chemicals! Bonus, it doesn’t eat your fly line like DEET products do, saving me buying $100 spools of fly line every year! Best of all it’s made right here in Montana, USA!

Jeffrey B.


February 20, 2023

I am from South Carolina where mosquitos are a big problem. Ironically my encounter with Skeeter Skat was during a summer vacation where I was visiting my home being built in Southwestern Montana near Yellowstone and Big Sky. There had just been a light rain in the afternoon and I was trimming some trees on the property. the builder had given me some Deet bug spray. As I began trimming I was attacked by swarms of little mosquitoes that paid no regard to the Deet I had sprayed on. Discouraged I quit and went into town for lunch. As I was leaving the restaurant in Ennis MT I was talking to myself about how bad the mosquitoes were and how the Deet totally failed to protect me. It was then the nice lady behind the counter pointed to the Skeeter Skat all natural mosquito repellent on display on the counter. I promptly bought some and


Skeeter Skat is da bomb

February 12, 2023

Us fishing fanatics over here in Montana have been using skeet skat for a long time now and it works like magic!!! It’s all natural and it keeps those mosquitoes (the other Montana state bird) away. Guides I know who use it with their clients say their clients love it and love how it’s all natural. It doesn’t have a greasy feeling like other bug repellent products. Defiantly give it a try and enjoy it.