Is Skeeter Skat really ALL natural?

Yes, there are no chemicals or deet!

Does Skeeter Skat really work?

Yes, Skeeter Skat is as effective as DEET! You will need to re-apply more often, but its worth it!

What other bugs does Skeeter Skat work on?

SS repels mosquitos, gnats, chiggers and should help repel ticks. We are curretnly testing a few other annoying bugs, we will let you know!

What's so bad about Deet?

Deet is a harsh chemical that can cause strokes and seizures in children and dogs! Look it up on the CDC
website, it's no good. And to boot, it's only 60% effective!

What's Picaridin?

Deet is actually outlawed in Europe and Picaridin has taken its place as the deet replacement
in many mosquito repellents. It's another chemical that is deemed " safe" but its not that old and hasn't been tested over
time. Skeeter Skat has 0 chemicals and the plant based ingredients have been used for 100's of years repelling
the nasty blood suckers!

What about the plastic bottle?

Our SS bottles are a PET environmentally friendly plastic. They are food and product safe and the bottle can go right into your curbside recycling bin!

Is it safe for my children?
Yes, SS is safe for children barring they are not allergic to any of the ingrediantS! Please read carefully before using
on yourself or children.

How does SS smell?

SS smells great do to the fragrant essential oil blend, but not overwhelming! Most people love the scent!