About Skeeter Skat!

We use a blend of essential oils and citrus to make a Deet free and chemical free repellent that is safe and non-toxic for your family and pets too! Many repellents claim to be all natural, but when your read the ingredients, there are chemicals ! Not Skeeter Skat! You can feel great about spraying your face, ears and all exposed skin!
Skeeter Skat is an ALL Natural Mosquito repellent made right here in Montana! Yep, it's good enough for our giant and hungry mosquitoes, it should work on yours too!
I have been developing and using this for years! It all started from a rangers tip to me while visiting SE Alaska and being eaten alive by the giant mosquitoes they have there! I have tweaked and perfected the recipe over time and now am bottling and sharing with all of you who care what goes on your skin and in your pores!
So give it a try! You may need to apply a little more often, we recommend 1-3 hours, but you can use more frequently if needed! Feel free to let us know your experience with Skeeter Skat! Go ahead and go outside! Skeeter Skat's got you covered!
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You can create a wholesale account there and order online. You can email us with questions and we are happy to call you once you leave your contact info.
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