Summer Time! Putting Skeeter Skat to the test!


It’s astonishing how time flies and here we are in early August, soaking up the height of summer! Skeeter Skat has preformed well for it’s first “pro” season. I tested it weekly with morning walks along the Madison with the pups. Fishing guides tested it on the river in boats with clients anxious to have a mosquito free fly fishing experience. I used it while photographing moose in knee deep swampy water and the ultimate test, camping on Grasshopper creek where the mosquitoes NEVER sleep. Skeeter Skat didn’t let me or those who gave it a try down! You do have to apply more often and liberally to get your best results, but it goes toe to toe with deet and other chemical laden sprays out there and there are zero harmful effects! If you missed your chance to give it a try, fear not, Skeeter Skat will be ramping up for season 2 over winter and you will see us in more stores and at some street fairs too! Stay tuned and see what’s coming next! More products are in the works and as always, natural and chemical free!
Cheers for now!